Design and Engineering

We undertake design and engineering work for small lot piping systems, process equipment like pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc. and structural components like supports, platforms, stairs etc. This is carried out by our collaborating partner companies while we take the responsibility for total management. This provides our customers the advantage knowing that we are looking after a project right from the detail engineering stage, relieving them from the problem of complex control and risk.

Procurement and Supply

We make procurements from all over the world directly from manufacturers as well as from stockists, depending on project delivery needs, using our international procurement network. For bulk materials we adopt the policy of doing procurement on a competitive basis instead of acting as the exclusive agent of certain manufacturers. Alternatively, for special products requiring engineering, design and fabrication etc., we use the services of our collaborating partners on an exclusive basis. We have capability to undertake package orders which can optimize customer's valuable time. In addition we constantly attend to the small needs of on going projects as a part of our commitment to continual service until the end of a project.

Manufacturing and Supervision

We totaly undertake manufacuturing at selected company from domestic and/or overseas partners who satisfies our required manufacturing capability, quality control, environmental consideration, working condition, etc. according to the customer's request such as delivery place, production content, delivery date, etc.. In addition, we also manage manufacturing and quality control work using our reliable supervisor.

Expediting and Inspection

Expediting and inspection are always carried out as part of our business responsibility for all orders and projects. It is carried out by our personnel or a trusted external partner to ensure the requested delivery time and quality. We also undertake only these services in specific countries and regions. We have a collaborating partner with a worldwide network and can provide third party inspection services. We can incorporate such services within our scope of work, and believe it will contribute saving our customer's huge number of man-hours.

Logistics Service

We provide all kinds of logistics services such as import / export, trilateral transportation, etc. based on the delivery conditions requested by the customer. This includes export packaging, document preparation, customs clearance, land / sea / air transportation. And we select the most suitable transportation method and ensure transportation to the designated location in order to meet the required delivery date. In addition, we will comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations when transporting, and provide accurate advice to customers if necessary.

Marketing Service

We support the marketing and sales of many customers in Japan and overseas. Specifically, we will utilize our network to provide the above as well as consulting services in Japan and overseas on behalf of our customers on a partial or exclusive contract basis. We also welcome requests for new agency contracts.